David addresses the Facebook for Brands Workshop audience at The Sandman Hotel in Vancouver

Law reforms inspired by changing attitudes and education led to the Canadian Government’s October 2013 announcement of the launch of a $1.3 billion-dollar market for medicinal marijuana. In response to this development, Living Blueprint strategist David Childs is teaching the branding and strategy portion of The Greenline Academy Conference in Toronto (October 26 & 27) for entrepreneurs interested in the industry.

Living Blueprint clients have experienced David’s mind for business strategy. But a growing number of people are also discovering our head strategist’s talent for teaching strategic branding and communication principles in a way that’s easy to understand and fun to listen to. This is what caught the attention of Greenline Academy founder Don Schultz, who asked David to speak at his upcoming conference.

Entrepreneurs interested in Canada’s developing $1.3B medicinal marijuana industry are encouraged to look into the Greenline Academy Conference on October 26 & 27, 2013. If you’re planning to attend David’s business strategy and branding seminar—open your mind, get out your notebook, and prepare to see your business from a new angle.

David’s past audiences have included:

  • – Sauder Business Club of Vancouver
  • – Supply Chain Management Association of British Columbia
  • – BC Food Expo 2013
  • – Facebook for Brands Workshop
  • – various private industry presentations.


BC Food Expo 2013


Facebook for Brands workshop


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